VMess is a protocol for encrypted communications. It includes both inbound and outbound proxy.

  • Name: vmess
  • Type: Inbound / Outbound

Outbound Proxy Configuration

  "vnext": [
      "address": "",
      "port": 37192,
      "users": [
          "id": "27848739-7e62-4138-9fd3-098a63964b6b",
          "alterId": 16,
          "security": "auto",
          "level": 0


  • vnext: An array, where each entry is a remote server
    • address: Server address, may be IPv4, IPv6 or domain name.
    • port: Server port
    • users: An array where each entry is an VMess user
      • id: User ID, in the form of a UUID.
      • alterId: Number of alternative IDs. The alternative IDs will be generated in a deterministic way. Default to 0. Maximum 65535. Recommend 16. Its value must be not larger than the one in corresponding Inbound.
      • level: User level. See Policy for more detail.
      • security: Encryption method. Options are:
        • "aes-128-gcm": Recommended for PC.
        • "chacha20-poly1305": Recommended for mobile.
        • "auto": Default value. Use aes-128-gcm on AMD64, ARM64 and S390x, or chacha20-poly1305 otherwise.
        • "none": Traffic is not encrypted at all.

Inbound Proxy Configuration

  "clients": [
      "id": "27848739-7e62-4138-9fd3-098a63964b6b",
      "level": 0,
      "alterId": 100,
      "email": "love@v2ray.com"
  "default": {
    "level": 0,
    "alterId": 32
  "detour": {
    "to": "tag_to_detour"
  "disableInsecureEncryption": false


  • clients: An array for valid user accounts. May be empty when used for dynamic port feature.
    • Each client contains:
      • id: User ID, in the form of UUID.
      • level: User level. See Policy for its usage.
      • alterId: Number of alternative IDs. Same as in Outbound.
      • email: Email address to identify users.
  • detour: Optional feature to suggest client to take a detour.
    • to: The tag of an inbound proxy. See Overview. If configured, VMess will suggest its client to use the detour for further connections.
  • default: Optional default client configuration. Usually used in detour proxy.
    • level: User level.
    • alterId: Number of alternative IDs. Default value 64. Recommend 16.
  • disableInsecureEncryption: Forbids client for using insecure encryption methods. When set to true, connections will be terminated immediately if the following encryption is used. Default value false.
    • none
    • aes-128-cfb


  • Always use encryption method "auto" to stay secure and compatible.
  • VMess depends on system time. Please ensure that your system time is in sync with UTC time. Timezone doesn't matter.
    • One may install ntp service on Linux to automatically adjust system time.
  • You may choose the value of alterId at your interest. For daily usage, a value less than 100 is usually enough.