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V2Ray has an internal DNS server which provides DNS relay for other components.


  "hosts": {
    "baidu.com": ""
  "servers": [


  • hosts: A list of static IP addresses. Each entry has a domain name as key and IP address as value. If a DNS query targets one of the domains in this list, the corresponding IP will be returned immediately and DNS query will not be relayed.
  • servers: A list of DNS server addresses. If there are more than one servers, they will be queried from top down. Options for DNS address:
    • "IP": An IP address whose port 53 is open for DNS query.
    • "localhost": A special value that V2Ray will use DNS query from local machine.

To use the internal DNS service, you need to configure domainStrategy in routing.

The DNS queries relayed by this DNS service will also be dispatched based on routing settings. No extra configuration is required.

Query strategy

DNS service will try to query both A and AAAA record in the same DNS message. As not all DNS servers support such query, V2Ray only sends A and AAAA query to the following DNS servers, and only send A queries to all other servers.