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V2Ray uses configuration file in JSON format. If you are familiar with JSON, you may skip this page.

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, in short is objects in Javascript. One JSON file contains one and only one JSON object, beginning with "{" and ending with "}".

A JSON object contains a list of key value pairs. A key is a string, and a value may be various of types, such as string, number, boolean, array or another object. A typical object is like below:

  "stringValue": "This is a string.",
  "numberValue": 42,
  "boolValue": true,
  "arrayValue": ["this", "is", "a", "string", "array"],
  "objectValue": {
    "another": "object"


  1. A key value pair usually ends with a comma ",", but must not ends with a comma if it is the last element of the object.
  2. V2Ray supports comments in JSON, annotated by "//" or "/* */".