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Socks is an implementation of standard SOCKS protocol, compatible with Socks 4, Socks 4a and Socks 5.

  • Name: socks
  • Type: Inbound / Outbound

Outbound Proxy Configuration

  "servers": [{
    "address": "",
    "port": 1234,
    "users": [
        "user": "test user",
        "pass": "test pass",
        "level": 0


  • servers: Socks server list, in which each entry has:
    • address: Server address
    • port: Server port
    • users: List of user accounts:
      • user: Username
      • pass: Password
      • level: User level.


  • When user list is not empty, socks will performance user authentication with remote server, using a random user.
  • Only supports SOCKS5 servers.

Inbound Proxy Configuration

  "auth": "noauth",
  "accounts": [
      "user": "my-username",
      "pass": "my-password"
  "udp": false,
  "ip": "",
  "userLevel": 0


  • auth: Socks authentication method. Default to "noauth". Options are:
    • "noauth": Anonymous.
    • "password": User and password RFC 1929
  • accounts: An array where each entry is contains user for username and pass for password. Default to empty.
    • Only works when auth is "password"
  • udp: true or false to enable UDP. Default to false.
  • ip: When UDP is enabled, this IP address receives UDP packets from client. Default to "".
  • userLevel: User level. All connections share this level.