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HTTP is a protocol for inbound connections. It is compatible with HTTP 1.1.

  • Name: http
  • Type: Inbound
  • Configuration:
  "accounts": [
      "user": "my-username",
      "pass": "my-password"
  "allowTransparent": false,
  "userLevel": 0


  • accounts: An array in which each entry is an account. Username of the account is specified by user, and password specified by pass. Default empty.
    • If accounts is not empty, HTTP uses Basic Authentication for user verification.
  • allowTransparent: If set to true, all HTTP request sent to this inbound will be proxied, including non-proxy request.
  • userLevel: User level. All connections share this level.


Use the following settings in Linux to use HTTP proxy in current session.

  • export http_proxy= (URL has to change according to your config)
  • export https_proxy=$http_proxy