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In order to improve the efficiency and quality of questions, please read the content below before report a question.


V2Ray Team supports Chinese and English language, please use the language that you familiar with in order to avoid confusions. We will reply back in the language you used; We will reply back in English if you used other language.


Any channels that recognized by us can be used to report issues. The priority order is listed below:

  1. Github Issue;
  2. Telegram Group
  3. Other

Content in the issue

Please answer the questions below for us to reproduce the issue.

  • Description:Any error messages, abnormal behaviors
  • Your OS:Such as Windows 10,Ubuntu 14.04 x64, etc...
  • V2Ray version:the version number or the date that you cloned this repo.
  • Golang Version(if you have)
  • Logs (if you have)
  • Context:What commands to uses? What other programs that running on the same machine?
  • Journal:if you are using Systemd,then use journalctl -u v2ray to get the most recent V2Ray panic information

Please descript the as accuracy as you can.

Unclear questions will be ignored:

  • “V2Ray used a lot of memories”
    • Please be clear how many memories used;
  • “It is slow in recent days”
    • Please be clear how fast is in the past, how slow is now, what happened to your Internet in these days, etc...