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Please read the following before reporting a problem to improve the quality and efficiency of your problem.


V2Ray team support Chinese and English, please choose your familiar language to ask questions, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. The administrator will reply in the language used by the problem initiators, or in English if the questioner is in another language.


All officially recognized chat rooms and groups can be used to report problems, including Github's Issue. Due to the workload of the reasons, different channels have different response speed. The priority is as follows:

  1. Github Issue;
  2. Telegram Group
  3. Others

The organization of the problem

The contents of the problem, please include the following aspects to facilitate the reproduction:

  • Problem description: any error message, abnormal behavior, etc.
  • Operating system: such as Windows 10, Ubuntu 14.04, 64-bit / 32-bit
  • V2Ray version: the version number or source code synchronization date
  • Golang version: if any
  • Log files: if any
  • Context: What commands / programs have been run before, what other software has been installed, and so on
  • Journal: If you are using Systemd, you can use the journalctl -u v2ray command to get the latest V2Ray panic information

Please describe the problem as accurately as possible, please do not contain any ambiguous adjectives.

Some examples of valid questions:

The following unclear questions will be ignored:

  • "V2Ray takes up a lot of memory"
    • Please specify the value;
  • "These days seems to slow the speed"
    • Please explain how fast before, how slow now, what happened these days, and so on;