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V2Ray configuration file for the JSON format, if you are already familiar with the JSON format, you can skip this paragraph. JSON, the full name JavaScript Object Notation, in short, Javascript In the object (Object). A JSON file contains a complete object, ending with curly brackets"{"and curly braces"}". A JSON object contains a series of key-value pairs, a key is a string, See a string (String), number (Number), Boolean (Bool), array (Array) and the object (Object). Here is a JSON Object Example:

  "StringValue": "This is a string.",
  "NumberValue": 42,
  "BoolValue": true,
  "ArrayValue": ["this", "is", "a", "string", "array"],
  "ObjectValue": {
  "Another": "object"

have to be aware of is:

  1. Usually a key value behind the need for a comma ",", but if the key followed by a pair of brackets "}", then it must not be a comma.
  2. V2Ray(v2.11 or later) JSON config file supports comments like Javascript comments "//" and "/* */".