Version History

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2017.01.16 v2.15

  • All proxies can use mKCP and WebSocket now.

2017.01.09 v2.14

  • Socks 5 outbound.
  • Bug fixes.

2017.01.02 v2.13

  • Bug fixes.

2016.12.26 v2.12

  • Bug fixes.

2016.12.19 v2.11

  • JSON config file now supports comment.

2016.12.12 v2.10

  • VMess now supports AES-GCM and ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption methods.

2016.12.05 v2.9

  • Fix compatiblity with Alpine Linux.

2016.11.28 v2.8

  • Shadowsocks server now accepts OTA settings.
  • Bug fixes.

2016.11.21 v2.7

  • Main inbound and outbound connection handler can be tagged now.
  • Bug fixes.

2016.11.14 v2.6

  • Data sent by one outbound can be proxied to another outbound.
  • Routing can be based on inbound tag.

2016.11.07 v2.5

  • New Shadowsocks outbound;
  • New TCP header: HTTP;

2016.10.24 v2.4

  • TCP / mKCP / WebSocket can be configured per inbound / outbound;
  • Routing can be done on source IP;

2016.10.17 v2.3

  • Introduce new Protobuf-based configuration;
  • OpenBSD binaries;
  • Small fixes;

2016.09.19 v2.2

2016.09.19 v2.1

  • mKCP performance improvement;

2016.08.20 v2.0

  • One year;

2016.08.15 v1.24

  • New mKCP header: utp;
  • New option in inbound connection config "allowPassive" to allow passive connection;

2016.08.08 v1.23

  • Optimize mKCP packet format. This version of mKCP is NOT compatible with previous ones;
  • mKCP can now be configured to disguise as video data.

2016.08.01 v1.22

  • Fix a memory leak in mKCP;
  • Add FreeBSD release;

2016.07.25 v1.21

  • High performance Chacha20 (Thanks to aead@);
  • Bug fixes;

2016.07.18 v1.20

  • New KCP options: readBufferSize and writeBufferSize;
  • Bug fixes;

2016.07.11 v1.19

  • Enable TLS option for all proxies;
  • Fix a performance issue in KCP;
  • Fix an issue in KCP that could cause EOF response;

2016.07.04 v1.18

  • Fix a "too many open files" issue in KCP;
  • KCP now uses fewer CPU;
  • Other bug fixes;

2016.06.19 v1.17

2016.06.12 v1.16

  • TCP connection reuse is now enabled by default;
  • Dokodemo-door is able to recognize TCP connection redirected by iptables;
  • Blackhole is able to send back HTTP forbidden data;

2016.06.05 v1.15

  • Optionally reuse TCP connection for better performance;
  • Allow listening on a specific IP address;
  • Allow sending data through a specific IP address;
  • Fix an issue in HTTP proxy that may exhaust memory;

2016.05.29 v1.14

  • Fix a panic issue in http proxy;
  • More functionalies in install script;
  • Static route in DNS;
  • Official server address change;

2016.05.16 v1.13

  • Internal DNS server, to provide better routing results combined with chinasites and chinaip;
  • Fix an issue in UDP relay;

2016.05.01 v1.12.1

  • Fix a bug in VMess.

2016.05.01 v1.12

  • Second try to fix the memory usage issue;
  • Improve Shadowsocks performance;
  • New option "none" in loglevel;

2016.04.18 v1.11

  • Try to fix the memory usage issue.

2016.03.07 v1.10

  • Fix an performance issue when dynamic ports refreshes.

2016.02.29 v1.9.1

  • Fix Shadowsocks one-time authentication (OTA) issue.

2016.02.29 v1.9

  • Support for Shadowsocks ChaCha20 encryption;
  • Add more direct connection sites to the default configuration file;
  • Dynamic ports now automatically create an account.

2016.02.22 v1.8

  • Update installation script (thanks, @netcookies):
    • You can now automatically stop the V2Ray process and update automatically after the completion of V2Ray;
    • The accepts the --proxy argument and V2Ray specified proxy download;
  • Use Go 1.6 compiler to improve the performance of AES encryption;
  • Minor fixes;
  • Update the official server IP (please re-download the installation package to get the latest configuration).

2016.02.08 v1.7

  • UDP relay performance improved;
  • Shadowsocks security improved;
  • Minor fixes;
  • Happy new year!